Just make sure to use a coaster!
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who is she
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Here’s another gem. My button says ‘party animal’.
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I went against everything I stand for and attended a bacherlorette party. I regret nothing. 

That’s me with the leg.
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I had the privilege of meeting Kathe Perez this evening at an event on campus. She is a speech language pathologist who specializes in transgender voice therapy, something I want to do with my degree.

She played this clip during her speech and I was so amazed by Rachel’s voice. It sounds completely natural and very beautiful. I also found it so interesting that you don’t see the presence of a laryngeal prominence (adam’s apple) when she’s using her natural voice, but you do when she uses her “before” voice.

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Anonymous asked:

hey sovietspam, do you ever do that contortionist stuff in your downtime anymore?

Not as much. I forget that I have that ability sometimes. It’s probably improved since I started working out though. Haha now I’m curious.

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